Lea Ann Combs

Lea Ann Combs

Highlands Elementary is a family-oriented community in which children not only learn the curriculum but are stretched to their ultimate potential- academically and socially.

Located on the corner of Mission, Fairway and Prairie Village Highlands is a true neighborhood school with children walking, riding bikes or riding with parents/guardians. Our families are very active in our school on a daily basis, whether volunteering or sponsoring an activity.

The Highlands tradition of excellence began in 1952 when the original building opened. Through a tear down and rebuild, our beautiful new building has been in operation for approximately 9 years. People that attended in the 50’s to current time are still active in supporting our community of learners.

It is absolutely an honor and privilege to lead this long-established institution of high achieving students, coupled with a strong dedicated staff.

Our Mission at Highlands is to “Prepare, Challenge, and Inspire.” You are more than welcome to arrange a visit anytime and see our vision of excellence and community in action.

Lea Ann Combs, Principal